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Introducing the CS-808

Cool Systems 808 (CS808) is Stepper3’s latest

motion control product. This CNC breakout

solution is compact and versatile, and can control

up to four stepper or servo motors. It has

provisions for all of your machine’s I/O: 24V DC

loads, limit switches, VFDs, torch height controllers,

and more.

At the heart of CS808 is Stepper3’s Ether-Mach

motion controller for S3CNC, Mach3, and Mach4.

It plugs directly into the main breakout board,

making the controller sturdy and low cost.

While a versatile product for new machines and

retrofits of many kinds, CS808 was designed as a

direct replacement for Chinese controllers. It is

designed, built, tested and supported in the USA.

  • Connects over a dedicated 100 Mbps Ethernet connection for smooth motion

  • Smooth motion on up to 4 simultaneous axes

  • Differential step and direction signals for noise immunity

  • 4-20 mA Analog Output for spindle speed control

  • 500 mA open drain (24V) digital outputs

  • Nineteen (19) 24V digital inputs for limit switches, touchpads, sensors, start/stop switches

  • Perfect match for Stepper3's S3CNC Software

  • Built in the USA

Available now for immediate shipment ! Contact us for a quote.

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