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Controls for Plasma Tables

Our CSCNC Line of Controllers for Plasma Cutting

Stepper3 LLC has provided hundreds of systems to the plasma cutting industry including fabrication shops and HVAC ductwork shops. We have leveraged this experience to develop a highly reliable, high quality CSCNC Plasma Controller.  Stepper3 offers a system that has been continuously improved for over twenty years. When partnered with our S3CNC Software, the system provides a simple clean user interface that will provide years of trouble free service.

In 2021 Stepper3 released the new S3THC torch height controller.  The microcontroller based S3THC continuously monitors the plasma arc voltage and adjusts the torch height to maintain a high cut quality.

Our off the shelf CSCNC plasma system provides the following features:

  • Up to 4 axis of stepper motor control

  • Ten (10) 24VDC digital inputs that can be wired for system or external power

  • Two (2) form C relay outputs

  • Two 120 VAC digital outputs

  • Simple setup using the software "Configurator"

  • Capable of  integrating the S3THC out of the box (when used with the S3CNC software)

  • Affordable - lower cost than most controllers with similar features and quality.

Options include:

  • S3THC Torch Height  Controlelr

  • S3OhmicSens - Ohmic Sensor for use with the Hypertherm XP series plasma generators coming in early 2024.




Industrial cnc plasma cutting metal plate..jpg


CSCNC is Stepper3’s latest stepper motor-based controller. The controller is powerful, compact, low-cost, and can control up to four stepper motors. It has provisions for all of your machine’s I/O: AC loads, contact closures, limit switches, torch height controllers, and more. It even features an easy connection matching the Hypertherm Plasma Torch pinout. At the heart of CSCNC is Stepper3’s Ether-Mach motion controller for S3CNC, Mach3, and Mach4. It plugs directly into the main breakout board, much like most of the components, making the controller sturdy and low cost. The box features what we call IOMODs that interface with your machine’s motors and tools. IOMOD1 was designed with plasma specifically in mind. It is the first iteration of the design with many more to come!

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